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Dr Terry King

Director of Veterinary Specialist Services

Dr. Anthony Crombie

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Isobel Walker & Mathew Walker

General Practitioner & Environmental Engineer

Meisha R

Melbourne, VIC

Dr Bailey

Brisbane, QLD

Mr Tyrrel

D Sunshine Coast, QLD

Dr Grace Malcolm

Dr Grace Malcolm - QLD

Dr Aaron Johnston, QLD

Dr Ian Martin,

Hepatobiliary & Upper Gastro-Intestinal Surgeon

As a Director of Veterinary Specialist Services and a full time Clinician, I really am time poor. MediPro were able to streamline everything for me. It was very simple and very easy. As someone who’s dealt with banks for many years, this was a heck of a lot easier.

I thought that going to a broker meant an extra quarter of a percent or cost would be attached but that’s just not true with MediPro. They’re out there going to market every day looking for the best deal for you.

We have been fortunate to know John for many years on both a professional and social level. We have just commissioned John and MediPro for our 6th home loan and second car loan and on each occasion his professionalism, guidance and assistance has been exceptional. Further, with Johns many contacts in the industry and unbiased commitment he has consistently delivered better than market rates on each of our loans. As a Doctor and an Engineer, we value professionalism and having a friendly face that can help guide us through the maze of options with each new acquisition and this is truly one of John’s skills. It is a great honour to recommend John and the team at MediPro to anyone looking for a home, business, commercial or vehicle loan and would go as far as to say that you would never need to look anywhere else. We don’t as we know that we will always get the best deal and by far the best, most flexible and most attentive service.

I wanted to say a sincere thank-you for all of your prompt efficient help with my first home loan. You made the experience seem too easy and it was extremely comforting the fact the real estate agent complemented me on my ability to find such amazing rates. The service you have provided was very refreshing and I would confidently recommend you to friends. I wish you and your company all the very best.

I had been working in private practice for just over a year, had just changed from an employee arrangement at one practice to starting as a contractor with another and needed to move house to be nearer our practice. Despite not having a history of tax returns matching my income and only being able to put together a minimum deposit at the time, MediPro were able to help me obtain an excellent loan at a competitive rate. They worked extremely hard to get the loan approved and were helpful throughout the entire contract period.

I have been in business for over twenty years, utilising the services of two of Australia’s major banks. When requesting both organisations the opportunity to negotiate the refinancing of my two current loans, I discovered both were unwilling to apply flexibility to their lending practices, hence I commenced the arduous task of searching the market to meet my needs. My accountant introduced me to MediPro. As I reside on the Sunshine Coast, they travelled up and meet with me at my home, conducted a meeting that lasted for one hour. At the end of the meeting MediPro were able to confidently predict they would be able to source a lender to meet my requirements. Within three weeks the loans applications were processed and approved at rates that provide my business with substantial benefits in the decrease in the cost of the loan repayments. I have never in all my years in business met a company in the financial sector like MediPro. With their attitude, respect and service for the customer their business card will always remain in the top draw of my desk.

I would like to thank MediPro for the fantastic job that he did finding finance to purchase an investment property for me. I had tried my two banks, another broker had tried a further bank, I was on to my fourth and last attempt to find finance with MediPro and they came through. The property I wanted to purchase was off the plan, unconditional with a $40k deposit at risk of being forfeited and in the current market the property had valued up $60k below purchase price. I had separated from my husband and my finances were not in the best shape. MediPro had one shot and came up a winner for me. Thanks MediPro!!! Great work

I was recommended John’s service by a friend, and couldn’t have been more delighted with the service. He contacted me the following day, and made a house call shortly after to go through all my available options. He explained everything in plain, easy to understand language and was able to offer us a superior rate in a package perfect for us. He was in regular contact throughout the process from application to settlement, and was readily available for any and all questions we had. Would and will recommend him to anyone.

I was actually performing surgery when I was recommended to MediPro by my anaesthetist. I was surprised that the rate they could get me was better than what I could get myself. When I questioned my major bank they couldn’t match it either. I’ve referred their service on to people because they offer a service which is hard to match elsewhere.

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